Last summer Kate Richardson discovered–by accident, she swears–a subculture of internet fanfiction called bandom and wrote about it for Idolator.com.

Around the same time, film student Adena Rice got the notion to shoot a documentary…and also take a road trip. By Reese’s chocolate-in-peanut butter/no, peanut butter-in-chocolate principle, these two elements combined to form one big, fun, all of a sudden outrageously expensive (gas prices, wtf?) idea that could not be denied by god or man.

We’re driving from Texas to Boston and back–with stops in Oklahoma, Chicago, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Philadelphia, and Kentucky in between–in a battered but not beaten Toyota Avalon to interview bandom writers in hopes of gaining insight into this peculiar modern community. We’re depending entirely on the generosity of friends and family for lodging along the way because money doesn’t grown on trees. And also it’s more fun that way.

This blog is more of a way to keep people updated on our trip with pictures and piquant anecdotes from the road, and will have little to do with the actual content of our film (we wouldn’t want to spoil it for you!). If you’re reading this you probably know us personally, but if you’re a benevolent internet stranger, you can learn more about us at our other joint venture, Maplecrest Trailer Home.

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