Last summer while visiting our friend Emily in the city, we spent a little time out in Westchester county with our other friend Matt and his two dogs. He has a psychotic dachshund and a kind of poofy dog that is technically male, but clearly a girl–or at least a girly dog. “His” name is Woody, but last summer I decided that he needed a more gender-appropriate name, so I rechristened him Theresa. Now we’re back in Westchester on our way to Boston and again I’ve come face-to-face with Theresa, the gender-confused canine.


This picture actually demonstrates Theresa’s remarkable knack for contemplative stares, but I think you get the idea.

Aaaanyway, we spent a night in NYC with my friend Catalina in her luxurious summer housing room on the 10th floor of Palladium (an NYU dorm), which is, weirdly enough, where Adena lived last school year! Also where I spent many hours on a couch. It was freaky being back on the 10th floor, but not as freaky as our feet right now, which are currently ravaged by hours of walking around in cheap shoes from Target (in my case, at least).

And now after a night in Westchester we’re about to leave for our last filming location in Boston. It’s been a hugely successful, and–more importantly–fun trip so far, but I doubt I presume too much to speak for Adena as well as myself in saying that we’re both pretty eager to finish up and resume life as real people rather than mangy vagabonds with chronic foot pain.


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