Ohio, so much to discover.

Four hundred miles and more than a few cornfields later, Kate and I have landed ourselves in our friend Jack’s basement in Ohio. There are plentiful hills, but whether they are alive with the sound of music is pending. You may punch me for that.

In any case, yesterday we went to the Medina County Fair. Corndogs were eaten, pigs were spooned by other pigs. Rabbits were the size of sheep, sheep were the size of horses, and horses were the size of bigger horses. 4H dramas were played out by the hour. A lone keyboardist struggled to play Freebird by Kate’s request. And apparently, somewhere in there, there was breastfeeding inside the dairy barn.

‘Tis a magical place where Purell is King.


One response to “Ohio, so much to discover.

  1. I’m guessing that rabbit didn’t compete with the giant one in Kate’s post…

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