Trashed my own house party ’cause nobody came

This is a cry for help. Somebody please, please save me from Adena’s atrocious mix CD. We’re coming up on day six in Arlington Heights, IL, and if I have to hear “I Try” by Macy Gray one more time, I will call this whole project off. Don’t test me.

Unfortunately the centerpiece of this mix is a song I could never deny, never truly tire of:

Curse you “Fat Lip”!!!!!!!!!

We just wrapped up our second day of shooting with our second interviewee and everything went almost frighteningly well. After shooting in Millennium park we went to a Jeff Koons exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art. And then we hiked like psychos to catch the train back to the hinterlands. My feet hurt but we saw some real good art.

“This city’s got big buildings, I like food, bye.”

This picture was hanging in the booth at the Italian-ish fast food place we ate at last night in Arlington Heights. SKEEZER!

We saw Mamma Mia! with Adena’s mom on Wednesday.

Y’all. This movie was outrageous and terrible and I loved it. I think our friend Jess said it best when she said that it’s like a studio paid millions of dollars to produce someone’s inside joke. Honestly you ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve seen Meryl Streep writhe uncomfortably on top of a goat house while singing ABBA.

And now we’re watching SHAAARK WEEEEEEK!


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