We spent Monday night in my ancestral land with my mom’s cousin, Tony, and his family. I’d never been to Oklahoma City (my grandparents were partial to the greater Tulsa region), but I found it terribly pleasant and extraordinarily spacious. The highlight of the trip was probably our tour of downtown OK City when we sort of forced Tony to paparazzi drive for us around a residential area so that I could get a picture of a particularly goofy-looking man on a Segway. This is the best shot I managed to get:


…despite the fact that at one point we had totally cut him off in a parking lot and were stopped directly in front of him. I really let everyone down in that moment with my shoddy photography skills, but at least we had fun just chasing him.

And now, after a 12-hour drive through 2 magnificent heartland states and Missouri (snap! Missouri sucks!) we’re in Chicago with Adena’s family. Two things: 1) I’m currently in a basement, 2) like a strange land under some sort of terrible curse, Chicago gets COLD at night in JULY! But it’s also home to my friend Jess Combs, who I haven’t seen in months and won’t see again until January due to poor study abroad planning, so I’m thinking it’s not such a bad place after all. Also the suburbs here don’t look like a city had food poisoning and spewed out strip malls from both ends all over its outlying areas, so…that’s a bit of an advantage over where I come from.

Southern Illinois was kind of boring, but I liked these smoke stacks:


And here’s a group pic from the Jaws night:



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